Monday, October 3, 2011

My students Essays On Importance of Cleanliness :)


Good morning.
Respected Sister, Teachers and my friends,
I would like to discuss a few things about the “Importance of Cleanliness”.

We hear a lot about cleanliness. This is the topic talked every day and everywhere. After all “What is this Cleanliness?” In simple words, Cleanliness is the opposite of Dirty. It has got high importance. Failing to keep cleanliness can be danger to our life. That is the reason, why cleanliness is taught in every one’s life. Cleanliness starts from each of us. It can be personal cleanliness, cleanliness of our Room, Home, School, Street or our City.

Personal cleanliness means keeping our body clean. Brushing our teeth, washing our face etc are few examples of this personal hygiene. Washing and bath are the best ways for personal cleanliness.

Cleanliness in our home and surrounding includes removal of dust, dirt and garbage.We should remember that removal of our garbage does not mean to put the same into our neighbour’s yard. We need to cooperate with our neighbours too for this. We should dispose our garbage in the specified dust bins provided by the municipality.

Similarly, we need to keep clean our school, street. We should be highly aware of the cleanliness all the time. We shouldn’t throw anything in the street. In turn, it should be put in the dust bin. This way, we can help to keep our city clean.

Cleanliness is not just limited to these few things. Hospitals, where lot of patients are treated for varieties of diseases, require high degree of attention when it comes to cleanliness. Otherwise, these places can be source of diseases.

Industries generate various types of wastes everyday. It is mandatory to have waste management systems to avoid pollution. This way the air, water and our environment can be kept clean.

atleast answer to the crying Vail of this 8year old..????


  1. is it the format on "respected sister,teacher and friend" why sister? why not the principal? i hope you can tell me. okay thanks.

  2. then u just write a good essayyyy.......... :(

  3. Thanks a lot, who has shared this essay.....
    nice it help me lot.

  4. Good essay but little more needed

  5. Good essay but little more needed

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    1. your grammar sucks (friend says this)...

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